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Audrey Aquaronne

Master en Génie Civil & Construction

Master in Civil & Structural Engineering

Ecole des Ponts PQristech


Master en Architecture

Master in Architecture

ENSAVT Paris-Est


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Master Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering | Ponts Paristech ENPC -


Bridge Projet : Conception, design, structural analysis and calculations, building 3D static model, conception of the constuction phase, drawings.

Beam Project : Conception and construction of a beam structure. Equilibrium analysis, effort diagrams, stress calculation, plot of the isostatic lines with Mohr circles and aperturing of the beam.

Developped a passive house : project concept orientation, plan, materials, envelop, ventilation, natural and artificial lighting and analysis of weather, consumption needs and real consumption.


Bachelor Degree in Physics, major in Mechanics | UPEM -


Spaghetti construction, Research on composite materials (cf. Research)


Master Degree in Architecture | ENSAVT in connection with Ponts Paristech ENPC -


Final Project subject : The Seine as infrastucture. Designed a Dance Center in Ivry-sur-Seine “carved” by the sun.   


Bachelor Degree in Architecture | ENSAVT


Bachelor Project : Created a multipurpose building for sports with coffee-bookshop between forest and town.
Participated in the Biennale of Venise 2012 for the French Pavilion.

French Baccalauréat with honours - Scientific section (major in physics and chemistry), European section (english, italian, french languages)