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Audrey Aquaronne

Master en Génie Civil & Construction

Master in Civil & Structural Engineering

Ecole des Ponts PQristech


Master en Architecture

Master in Architecture

ENSAVT Paris-Est


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L'extension de la banquise Antarctique / Sea ice extent in Antarctic


Physical Mechanisms of Climate Change. Analysing one point of the GIEC report.

“It is very likely that the average annual extent of pack ice in the Antarctic has increased by 1.2 to 1.8% per decade (from 0.13 to 0.20 million km² per decade) between 1979 and 2012”




Spaghetti construction / Research on composite materials


Design and modeled a composite material with spaghetti and glued. Construction of spaghetti towers.

We have characterized its mechanical properties according to the glue used and the assembly of the matrix and the fibers.
Following this first step, we have established and tested several spaghetti assembly models. By synthesis of the information collected during the experiments and theoretical analyzes, we were able to characterize: maximum stresses, displacement fields, deformations, Young's modulus but also Poisson's coefficients.
The composite material partially compensates for the fragility of the spaghetti by compensating for the local defects of the latter and by providing ductility by the presence of the adhesive. Thus, all these elements allowed us to finalize the development of the spaghetti-glue composite material formed of wood glue and unidirectional fibers. The best resistance is obtained when the forces are applied in the direction of the spaghetti, which however contributes to the appearance of buckling.



Le potentiel géothermique de la Dorsale Est : Quels sont les potentiels de développement sur le territoire de la Dorsale Est? /

Geothermal potential of the “Dorsale Est” : What are the geothermal potential development of the territory of the “Dorsale Est”?


Researched and analysed ground and geothermal potential around Paris using different calculation approaches to allow comparison and urban propositions.


Troglodythes: un modèle de qualite énergétique? / The troglodyte dwelling of tomorrow : a model of energy quality